The TEHNOMONTAŽA Company was founded on 2 June 2003 in Maribor, Republic Of Slovenia, Europe (EU). The founder and the owner of the company is Mr. Dejan Alfirevic. He has had several years’ experience in managing a family company with a very similar activity as TEHNOMONTAŽA. After few years of cooperation with his family he found a market niche, he pursued the oportunities in the field of welding and started his own company. At the beginning the company was performing minor welding jobs and within seven years it has developed into one of the leading Slovenian welding companies, offering welding of all kinds of metal and services in the energetic field. 

Welcome to our web site and note our company slogan:

 We believe in a new day and our vision is infinity

Due to our vision and aims, as an erection and assembly company, we are oriented towards cooperation with new partners and we are offering services on the wide European market, as well as on the world market. Our plan is to grow at least 30 % in the annual net incomes and at the same time to increase the number of professional employees, which we are already promptly achieving.

The company Tehnomontaža can provide highly educated, trained, experienced, and certificated workers for your Construction team, such as machine, metal, construction and pipe line technicians, fitters, assemblers, maintainers and SMAW(stick), GTAW(TIG), and GMAW (MIG-MAG) welders… 

We have a production workshop in the size of 300m2, equipped with a steel plate bending machine, a 3 ton crane and other tools and equipment for performance of fitting works. In this workshop we have the capacity for production of smaller tanks (diameter up to 2.5m), grain elevators, scaffolds, etc.

Regarding the structural summary of client projects, our company could be a propulsive subcontractor in the erection-assembly jobs and services, providing our partners with experienced, certificated, educated and qualified workers.
We can immediately provide: 15 workers (>7 days) with the following profile:
– TIG welders, 5 workers
– el. MIG-MAG, 3 workers
– pipers and multi use technicians and fitters, 3 workers
– metal multi use workers, assemblers, fitters, 4 workers
Long-term possibility: 50 workers (>45 days) with the following profile;
– TIG welders, 16 workers
– el. MIG-MAG welders, 6 workers
– pipers and multi use technicians and fitters, 8 workers
– metal multi use workers, assemblers, fitters, 20 workers
General Providing possibility: 100 workers (>120 days) with the following profile:
– TIG welders, 25 workers
– el. MIG-MAG welders, 15 workers
– pipers and multi use technicians and fitters, 25 workers
– metal multi use workers, assemblers, fitters, 35 workers
Extensive providing possibility; upon request, in a reasonable mutually agreed period.

Our company has performed services all over the world, Australia (car industry), USA (car industry), India, EU countries (Denmark, France, Germany, Portugal and Italy) where we have mostly worked for the refinery industry for extraction of bioethanol and biodiesel, paper industry, etc. Good experience with foreign companies is the reason why we are trying to expand beyond the domestic market which is filled with local competitors. According to our capacities we offer services in erection of facilities which are not our products and are not supplied by our company, to the site of erection.

The range of services in erection works we perform is very wide:
– energy facilities and plants (refineries, wells, plants)
– processing equipment (grain elevators)
– transport system equipment (cranes, conveyors)
– steel constructions (halls, warehouses, towers)
– refitting of the above-mentioned facilities and all kinds of the maintenance works.


Today we are small-medium sized company that employs 70 people or more, depending of the ongoing projects. Our employees specialize in different fields and have different professions; machine fitters, machine technicians, welders, pipe fitters, etc. They hold suitable certificates to meet the needs of our customers. Our company owns production workshop with contemporary tools and transport fleet for the needs of transport material, products and workers. The main activity of TEHNOMONTAŽA is erection of all types of energetic objects and equipment, machine installation and their parts, etc., as well as offering service of regular and occasional special maintenance.



Our basic business aim is to develop long term cooperation with our partners anywhere in the World. Please inform us about your General needs and Commercial conditions for Contracting by using our Contact form.

We appreciate your professional willingness to begin negotiations with us and of course, we are ready to visit you at any time and at any place. We have a serious purpose to realize a gentleman’s agreement and professional agreement in favour of both sides.