AALST Belgium – installation of stainless steel pipes and carbon steel storage tanks with external painting for bioethanol
NESTLE France – assembly of stainless steel tanks for bioethanol
DAKA BIO-INDUSTRIES, LOSNING Denmark – biodiesel refinery
CELBI SA FIGUEIRA DA FOS Portugal – installation of tanks in a paper mill – VITORIA Spain – wind tunnel
CITAL VERZUOLO, Italy – assembly and installation of fuel tanks
BP HULL, England – assembly of stainless steel fuel tanks in a new bio-refinery
OMV WIEN, Austria – reparation of tanks
WEIDMANN AG RAPPERSWILL Swiss – installation of a new production line
BIODIESEL KÄRNTEN GmbH, ARNOLDSTEIN, Austria – installation of fuel tanks
EISENMANN, German – installation of production lines
DUUR, German- installation of industrial production infrastructure
MONDI, Austria – assembly of industrial pipe lines,